When you refer your clients to full-service law firms you risk losing them to those firms.  When you refer your clients to the same reciprocal pool of attorneys year after year, your clients may question whose interests you are satisfying, especially if the referred attorney disappoints them. 

When you send your clients to Barustors, you reduce both risks while offering your clients a State Bar regulated, ABA compliant solution.  Barustors only refers senior partners of microboutique law firms.  Many of these lawyers come from full service law firms, in-house legal departments or the public sector.  Most offer big firm-caliber talent, but at small firm rates.  And, their firms’ practice areas are too narrow to absorb full-service clients.

Barustors is the first and only lawyer referral service built for business and corporate clients, and the only one that limits its membership to senior, microboutique lawyers.  We’ve been operating since December 2000 and we are based in San Francisco.  We also enjoy special protections against negligent referral liability that may extend to your law firm.

To learn more, please contact our founder, John Cosmides at john@barustors.com or at 650-733-4308.  If you attended The Recorder Roundtables at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club between 2006 and 2010, you already know John’s work.



Trust Barustors with your law

firm’s conflict, overflow and

non-core matters.

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